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April 2013 in Vancouver, BC

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Another set of photos at the Timo Weiland fitting pre-NYFW.

Some behind the scenes at the Timo Weiland fitting before NYFW

A few leisurely snaps from a weekend to the Hamptons and my beautiful friends.

A few images from a shoot in Baltimore, MD where we interviewed the amazing DJ, Joe Nice. 

A few pictures from a random roll. 

Friends on film — playing around on 35mm with my new Minolta.

Today In Music History: Public Enemy Boycotts The Grammys

Check out this tumblr I wrote for NowThis News about Public Enemy boycotting the Grammys 22 years ago! I talk about the lack of love for rap/hip-hop today, and I use the adjective “swagnificent.” 


imageImage via Sound On Sound. 

22 years ago, Public Enemy made history. At the 33rd Annual Grammy Awards held in New York City in 1991, Public Enemy’s album “Fear of a Black Planet” was nominated for best rap performance for the third year in a row. But they made a conscious decision to boycott the awards ceremony, saying racism kept a rap award off prime-time television.

They followed Russell Simmons’s lead, their record label president. Simmons was frustrated with “the same old broken record snub of inner-city contributions to the music industry.”

So, what now? Are the Grammys brushing hip-hop and rap of their shoulder?

More about rap & hip-hop hate at the Grammys after the jump!

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8 days. 

8 days.